This is Four Us.

Vodka Cruiser, Peach – Your favourite.
And darling, I’ve had four.

One to hardly think of; just movements of liquid
Through open lips – Lips that used to touch your skin,
Down burning throats that have forgotten how to breathe.
It’s an empty wish for the day I’ll live.

Then Two is for the times I remember:
We were dancing into the kitchen, stumbling half drunk,
Laughing between kisses that were too little and too much.
I guess there are some treasures in vodka and gin mixers.

But three is where visions and words are blurred.
A drop goes down the bottle’s neck, slowing as it curves,
Like fingers across collar bones and three whispered words:
I love you, I loved you…

And Four is where it all goes home.
They say unlucky numbers threaten our souls.
They don’t know I’ve lost mine some time ago.
But love remains for the heart that hardly knows.

And darling, I’ll have four more for the road.

vicesphotosub.jpgSubmission for a theme on vices.
I wanted to write something about alcoholism for some reason. I think it’s something we don’t really take note of until it gets too much, until we depend on it or until its our only source for escape. To celebrate, to remember, to forget.. What do you drink for?


Sometimes you have to let it win

And I hate every time I let it.
The world becomes a shaky concept.
You’ve been through a lot to know how it works –
Short bursts of helplessness, heightened senses
But some days it’s just worse.

And¬†you think “this is the point where I give in”
This is the point anxiety wins

Finished poetry

I don’t know you.
Not yet anyway, not a whole lot.
We could just be strangers who happen  to talk.
But come morning you are my first thought
And every hour after feels like the world’s spun faster
And evenings feel like the best part of the day to me.

I know now what the fox was on to the Little Prince,
Maybe there are certain ‘proper rites’ to things.
And now ‘what ifs’ have become my new favourite flings.
Cause at least there I could be your one and only
Maybe there we could taste each other’s lips.
Even if it’s all just make-believe and

You don’t know me.
Not yet anyway, not a whole lot.
We could be falling in love while we talk.
But come morning you might make no reply
And every hour after feels like the world’s hardly gone by
And evenings will remind me of what we used to be.

This was previously left unfinished but i managed to finish it today!