Slow down

Slow down… We’re in no rush.
Everyone has somewhere to be, people to meet.

We don’t.
There’s nowhere to get to,
No one to be with.
We’ve stopped moving in the world that still spins.

And I’m not so sure if we’ve won…
Or if we’ve forgotten how to move on.

IMG_6007.JPGThe question is, what do we do then?
When you find yourself lacking behind and everyone else seems so far ahead or when you feel like “this must be how they enjoy life” while everyone else’s stuck in rush mode. Which is it? What do we do?


Some dreams you want to remember.

I dreamt that we fell in love all over again
From scratch, from nothing, from almost.
I dreamt that it was all right,
That you made it different, and we made it good.

To have touched it again, to have felt it,
To have gotten it so right this time
And I am here, replaying it.
Over and over and over and over and over

And over
And I know one day I’ll lose it all at once;
Just all at once and all over again.
But for now, for this, for almost,
I will dream that we fell in love all over again.

Even though one day I’ll wake.