The story behind a story

“Why are you writing


“It’s um..”
It’s personal – that’s what I wanted to say.

“It’s from the heart?”

Yes. I gulped. But it also seems like it’s from so much more than that.
When I write this.
It’s like I’m living through them again – our memories.
And it isn’t just from the heart. It’s from every part of me. And every part of the past. And every part of you.

And I am trying to get you out of my system in the most beautiful way I know how. Because you are the best memory that has been engraved in my self. And this is how I would like to remember you – detached from me.

“It’s from



I am writing this.. project.. which I hope to one day finish and publish and maybe then finally I will call it a ‘book’. So yeah, I’m not posting anything about it yet except that Im following this writing style (and that the protagonist is a writer). And the whole theme is just so personal I think – to everyone – not just to me. If that makes any sense.


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