She Would Know

She would know.
She would know what it feels like to be
Helpless and powerful at the same time.
She would pry open every contradiction,
Learn every misfortune,
And feel the futility of everything in this world.

Yet, she would see the beauty of the autumn leaves,
See the extra in all things ordinary,
And feel the passion in every human heart.
She would be humbled.
So very humbled by the living and the dying.

You would think she was quiet and distant
But she would know that everything just happens
And she is helpless and powerful in every single moment.
She would just know that everything had its meaning and time.

And you can see it.
You can see that she knows.
There is no proper adjective.
Every one of them has this look.
No matter how hard they try to hide.
They would know.
She would know.


A good friend made me sit down and think of the ‘type’ of people I fall for. It was really difficult to write because I don’t believe that people will be what you want them to be. But I sat, and I thought that every single person I fell for (no pun intended) had this ‘look’ in common. Superficial? Maybe.


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