Graduation Day

Day by day we go through the same routine, facing the same challenges, hearing familiar screams of certain teachers, seeing the life getting drained out of every other student. It beats you down. It makes you feel like the world is small and there is no tomorrow. Just days of the same today.

Then we reach the last day of all those days. And for some reason it is harder to leave than you thought. It should be easy, right? What’s two years in a lifetime?

Maybe its cause that despite them being the toughest, hardest two years, we held on to all the good we could find. Because at the end of the day when you know your scariest teacher had smiled a proud, heartwarming smile, it’ll go to show just how much you’ve grown with all those obstacles you’ve overcome. And at the end of the day when you’re laughing with your friends and you’re trying to freeze those moments in still image, it’ll go to show just how much of that togetherness you’ll miss. You’ll take all sorts of photos with the teachers that matter and I don’t know if I’m going to look back and remember all the consultations and homework. But I know I’ll remember just how important and kind they are in helping me get to where I am now. It is in all of these days that I have learned.

Day by day, yet only when it becomes yesterday, that all those days become days you wish were today.


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