There’s a homeless girl on a street filled with houses.
She’s learnt how to blend in a home made with strangers.
Down the narrow lane between midnight and sunrise,
She’s up wide awake underneath a dim streetlight.

The closer you walk to her, the clearer you’ll see,
Shivering in the darkness, you’ll hear her sad plea.
Tell me if it’s worth it. Am I still so afraid?
You have no answer, you were always of no aid.

Back to your own home, a mirror above a sink:
The girl in the dim light – you stare without a blink.


I used to answer “What would you say if you saw your past self?” with “You don’t need to be afraid anymore.” Now I think I’d tell myself… It’s okay to be afraid…you aren’t going to have it all together… and that doesn’t mean you are anything less.

Consistent 12-syllables to play on the concept of time.


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