Dance with me.

Tonight, We are young…

Can we slow dance again? Just one more time.
It’ll be enough to last me a lifetime.
We’ll do the waltz to pop music,
And laugh at our weird momentum
and misguided steps.
I’ll be close to you again,
Hearing your heartbeat.
Feeling alive, feeling seen, feeling valid.
Then I’ll breathe you in and hold my breath forever after.

Because I’ll feel you slip away from my fingers again.
It’ll be because I held on too tight.
Every dance has to end, right?

I was challenged to write while listening to triggering music.
I listened to it 6 times before i was able to stop chewing on my fingers and type.
Remembering, thinking, going “why am i doing this again” and “what am i getting out of this again?”
Some truth, maybe.
She was always playing this song for us. I stepped on her foot once while trying to waltz to this. I dont know why i remember this so distinctly. I guess I fell too hard.


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