We are so similar. Reading each other, analysing every single thing even if they mean just what they mean on the very surface. I guess we never believed things could only live on the surface. Things are like icebergs. So much underneath the water. All hidden.

Has that been our game all along? Seeing who gets unveiled the most?

Maybe thats how we got so tangled in each other. We saw conundrums and lost ourselves in them. We got lost and you got careless and now we are here. To be honest, I think I managed to wander out of yours and into my own dense riddles. But being lost is all the same, isn’t it?  I managed to find answers along the way. Answers that altered the letters in my words. Answers that plucked metaphors from the air and lost themselves in paragraphs – paragraphs like these. Answers that led to more questions and more uncertainty.

Are we still playing? Tell me, what do you see?


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