This post has been hijacked by Isaac

Hello. I don’t know if anyone will get this message, but in the tiny chance someone my read this, I decided it was worth the risk.

My only hope is that you can get my message across before they come for me.

I can hear them, they live in the walls… and they’re coming for me.

They’re coming for all of us…

… and what makes this frightening is that we know nothing about them.

I can hear them

But the first step for us, is the knowledge

The knowledge that they exist

That’s the first step.

They’re coming

Now you know.

And it’s your job now spread the word.

Tell the people you hold most dear.

You know the truth.

Tell them before it’s too late

They’ll be coming for you soon

Those things…

They’re coming

Those things…

Those things that live in the walls

They’re her



I hope that through everything, the thoughts in my head, every unspoken line that has absolutely no right to be there..
I hope that they remained there.  I hope they remained unreadable.
I hope that my breathing was stable and that the internal beating in my head wasnt loud enough to cause worry.
I hope my eyes wasnt giving me away.