I really like the Schrodinger’s cat theory. The version where you place a cat and a cyanide pill into an opaque box that could lead to two possible scenarios. The cat eats the cyanide pill and dies, or it doesnt and it lives. But the conclusion is only met when we open the box. In which case, we seal the ultimate fate of the cat. So we dont open the box. The cat stays in this middle ground of being both dead and alive.

It is really a fascinating paradox that is so applicable. Our choices – whether to open the box or not – lead to consequences or ambiguity respectively. Maybe to preserve something we really value, to not face the likelihood of the less preferred outcome, we push them to the state of being both at once? I know this theory is supposedly much more technical and scientific in exploring the possibility of alternate dimensions through quantum physics – but I like it like this. A poetic spin.


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